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Karyotype | definition of karyotype by Medical dictionary
Karyotype and identification of all homoeologous chromosomes of allopolyploid Brassica napus and Its diploid progenitors. MEIOTIC EVALUATION OF BRASSICA CAMPESTRIS DESI AND BRASSICA NAPUS HS-98 FOR CHROMOSOMAL STABILITY AND POLLEN FERTILITY

Karyotype -
A karyotype is an individual's collection of chromosomes. The term also refers to a laboratory technique that produces an image of an individual's chromosomes. The karyotype is used to look for abnormal numbers or structures of chromosomes.

University of Utah
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Karyotyping Activity
Patient A's Karyotype Place this chromosome in the partially completed karyotype below by clicking on its homologous chromosome. If you match the chromosome correctly, you will proceed to the next chromosome. If you match incorrectly, a page will explain why the chromosome you chose is not the unknown's pair and you can choose again.

Karyotyping Activity - University of Arizona
This exercise is a simulation of human karyotyping using digital images of chromosomes from actual human genetic studies. You will be arranging chromosomes into a completed karyotype, and interpreting your findings just as if you were working in a genetic analysis program at a hospital or clinic.

Karyotype Genetic Test: MedlinePlus Medical Test
A karyotype test looks at the size, shape, and number of your chromosomes. Chromosomes are parts of cells that contain genes. If the number or structure of your chromosomes is not normal, it can indicate a genetic disease. Learn more.

Karyotype - Wikipedia
Het karyotype of karyogram van een organisme is een afbeelding van de chromosomen, zoals deze tijdens een bepaald stadium (metafase) van de celdeling te zien zijn onder een microscoop.Door dit karyogram of karyotype te bestuderen, kunnen grotere chromosoom-afwijkingen, bijvoorbeeld aantal of vorm van de chromosomen, gevonden worden.

Karotyoping: What It Can Reveal and How It's Done
A karyotype is, quite literally, a photograph of the chromosomes that exist within a cell. A doctor may order a karyotype during pregnancy to screen for common congenital defects.   It is also sometimes used to help confirm a leukemia diagnosis. 

Difference Between Normal and Abnormal Karyotype | Compare ...
Karyotype is a diagram which shows the chromosomal number and constitution in the cell nucleus. It reveals information regarding the number, size, shape, centromere position of the chromosomes, etc. under the light microscope. If a karyotype shows a usual number and structure of chromosome set, it is known as a normal karyotype.

University of Utah
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