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Sequencing - Wikipedia
DNA sequencing is the process of determining the nucleotide order of a given DNA fragment. So far, most DNA sequencing has been performed using the chain termination method developed by Frederick Sanger.This technique uses sequence-specific termination of a DNA synthesis reaction using modified nucleotide substrates.

Nucleic acid sequence - Wikipedia
A nucleic acid sequence is a succession of bases signified by a series of a set of five different letters that indicate the order of nucleotides forming alleles within a DNA (using GACT) or RNA (GACU) molecule. By convention, sequences are usually presented from the 5' end to the 3' end.For DNA, the sense strand is used. Because nucleic acids are normally linear (unbranched) polymers ...

DNA Sequencing - Genome
DNA sequencing is a laboratory technique used to determine the exact sequence of bases (A, C, G, and T) in a DNA molecule. The DNA base sequence carries the information a cell needs to assemble protein and RNA molecules. DNA sequence information is important to scientists investigating the functions ...

Per Base Sequence Content - Babraham Institute
Per Base Sequence Content plots out the proportion of each base position in a file for which each of the four normal DNA bases has been called. In a random library you would expect that there would be little to no difference between the different bases of a sequence run, so the lines in this plot should run parallel with each other.

Per Base Sequence Quality - Babraham Institute
Per Base Sequence Quality Summary. This view shows an overview of the range of quality values across all bases at each position in the FastQ file. For each position a BoxWhisker type plot is drawn. The elements of the plot are as follows: The central red line is the median value; The yellow box represents the inter-quartile range (25-75%)

塩基配列 - Wikipedia
生物学における塩基配列(えんきはいれつ)とは、dna、rnaなどの核酸において、それを構成しているヌクレオチドの結合順を、ヌクレオチドの一部をなす有機塩基類の種類に注目して記述する方法、あるいは記述したもののこと。. 核酸の塩基配列のことを、単にシークエンスと呼ぶことも多い。

DNA- Structure, Properties, Types, Forms, Functions
Since the major and minor grooves expose the edges of the bases, the grooves can be used to tell the base sequence of a specific DNA molecule. The possibility for such recognition is critical, since proteins must be able to recognize specific DNA sequences on which to bind in order for the proper functions of the body and cell to be carried out.

Synthesis of RNA by in vitro transcription
In vitro transcription is a simple procedure that allows for template-directed synthesis of RNA molecules of any sequence from short oligonucleotides to those of several kilobases in μg to mg quantities. It is based on the engineering of a template that includes a bacteriophage promoter sequence (e. …

DNA sequencing with chain-terminating inhibitors
A new method for determining nucleotide sequences in DNA is described. It is similar to the "plus and minus" method [Sanger, F. & Coulson, A. R. (1975) J. Mol. Biol. 94, 441-448] but makes use of the 2',3'-dideoxy and arabinonucleoside analogues of the normal deoxynucleoside triphosphates, which act as specific chain-terminating inhibitors of DNA polymerase.

About Huntington's Disease - Genome
A single abnormal gene produces HD. In 1993, scientists finally isolated the HD gene on chromosome 4. The gene codes for production of a protein called "huntingtin," whose function is still unknown. But the defective version of the gene has excessive repeats of a three-base sequence, "CAG."



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